Love Spells


Concerning the degree, there are four levels, attraction, lust, love, and the forth level which is uncontrollable passion without restraint. All love spells consist of calling upon the same elements. The way love spells work are that when people meet a certain energy is radiated by each and subconsciously a person reacts to this energy. A love spell will increase these energies among the specified would be couple, and therefore substantially increases the chances of the desired effects. Since we’re dealing in black magic, which is the magic of passion, these spells work forcefully and almost instantly.

The effort on your part is mostly the power of your faith, I will call on the powers of night for one lunar cycle begining to end. The person you desire will become overwhelmed with thoughts of you in dreams, in passing, and randomly throughout the day. This will manifest into one of the four levels previously discussed depending on which spell you have chosen for me to exercise.

I offer three different spells of the heart, The Aphrodite 7 days love spell , The Goetic 9 day Lust/sex spell and the Ultimate Last resort Kamdev spell which I will work for 30 days straight with Aphrodite; the goddess of love, Ashtaroth; the Goetic entity and Gil, the spirit of lust from the Necronomicon.

IMPORTANT WARNING:-The Ultimate Kamdev Love/lust spell is one of a kind in its absolute power.I highly warn any buyer from using it unless they really would want a lifetime commitment with the target as it has been known to create a sex slave in the target who only thinks of pleasing the buyer and loves the buyer to the extreme.Really effective if you want a real commitment with the target.

Spellcaster not responsible if the spell creates a Love slave in the target.Order with extreme caution and only if you really want her.

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