Change Your Lovers Mind


If your love has decided to leave you for some one else.
If you’re your love wants some time to think if he or she wants to be with you or not.
If you are worried that your love may leave you at any point of your life then you may go for this very strong spell to change your lovers mind.

For this spell you will need:
1. Green goddess candle
2. Red god candle
3. A new unused pink taper candle
4. pink rose buds
5. red rose buds with petals
6. ground damiana herb
7. rose oil
8. lavender oil
Before you begin your circle mix the red and pink rose incense and the damiana together.To begin the spell cast your circle as you usually do. When invoking the god call in Cupid and then light the red candle. For invoking the goddess call in Venus and light the green candle. Next pick up the pink candle and the rose oil. As you anoint the candle with the rose oil speak the following words:”With the oil of rose I do anoint this candle. Now may this candle perform magick of love and friendship for those who use it.”
After you have gone all around the candle rubbing the oil into it place it in a candle holder and speak the following words:
“Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, Cupid God of Love, I ask you to bring to me the one true male/female I am destined to spend my life with in love.”
Light the candle and say: “As the flame is lit, so may it burn to you my request.”
Next go to your cauldron. If you don’t have a cauldron you will need something to burn incense in. Take a small pinch of the incense you mixed earlier and sprinkle it on the coal
or whatever you use to burn and speak the following words:
“I make to you Venus and to you Cupid this offering of incense to increase the strength of my magick.”
Next take the rose oil again and say as you sprinkle one drop of oil on the coal:
“I add the essence of rose to this brew.”
Pick up the lavender oil and again with a drop of lavender say:
“I add the essence of lavender to this brew.”
Then take a moment sitting on the ground to look into the flame of the pink candle and visualize the outcome you seek. Once you have completed that release the Goddess and God and then undo your circle….your ritual is now complete.

If you have any questions about the above written spells email me and all your queries will be answered.

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